Safe from the elements

Keder Roof XL, Shrink wrapping

Protecting the work site is a priority request on many high-value or complex projects. We create a seamless worksite for the trades to get on with it without weather delays.


Servicing the central & lower north island

Scafit provides enclosures that meet the rigorous demands of construction, maintenance and other jobs in New Zealand.

Enclosures offer containment, creating an ideal environment for a variety of operations. For carrying out  sandblasting work, concrete installation or asbestos removal, containment is vital.
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  • One of New Zealand’s stockist of the Layher Heavy Duty Keder Roofs and Rolling Roof providers
  • Kedar is a fully reusable system, which helps as a lot of projects have to meet green rating criteria’s.
  • With an enclosure, you can work through all weather
  • Scafit recycles all of our used shrink wrap
  • Many clients say that work gets done quicker on site as subbies move to fully enclosed sites in bad weather
  • All structures are engineered to suit the site

You can trust our in-house
experts to make it happen.

Keep your site safe, dry and on track with an engineered enclosure
We have been enclosing sites for over a decade. We know the environmental challenges, that’s why we are one of New Zealand’s largest stockist of the heavy duty Keder Roof solutions and rolling roof providers. All our shrink wrap needs are done in-house.
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Keder roof systems
Layher’s Keder (PVC roof sheet) Roof Systems are a proven temporary weather protection solution ideally suited to multiple applications in the residential, commercial, industrial, infrastructure and event sectors.

The roof system provides a quick, economical, and easy-toassemble solution to meet a diverse range of weather protection applications. The system is also modern and visually appealing, making it a great option for applications where site aesthetics are an important factor.

The latest addition to the Layher roofing range – the Keder Roof XL – enables you to create even greater spans. The XL shares many qualities with its predecessor, retaining all the Keder Roof System’s installation, weight and versatility advantages.

The Keder Roof XL enables you to configure the system for light, standard or heavy-duty bracing applications. Depending on the location and loading conditions it is possible to create unsupported roof spans over 26m. It’s even possible to create arched or domed installations, making them an incredibly versatile and capable addition to the Layher roof system options.
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