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Scafit are a leading provider of scaffold enclosure systems. A Scafit enclosure on your building site can be used for:


Keep dust and debris within the building site.



Temporarily cover the building site, e.g. while roof is removed from an existing building.
Reduce health & safety risks caused by bad weather.



Continue work uninterrupted, particularly over winter or spring periods of predominant rainfall.

Roof structures are built using the Keder roofing system, and facades are shrink wrapped.

The facade shrink wrap can be installed to working platform height or full height down to ground, depending on your requirements.

The Keder roofing system provides a number of key advantages over shrink wrap alone, including:

Superior wind rating and protection

Ability to achieve large spans

Efficient installation

Ability to retract sheets to allow crane/loading access

Watch our time lapse video showing the efficiency of the Keder roofing system being installed by our professional scaffolding, rigging and shrink wrap crews. Scafit is the only supplier in the Central North Island that can offer this full solution in-house with our qualified and experienced team.


Here are just some of the testimonials from clients that have benefited from a Scafit enclosure on their building site.


We needed a solution that could enclose a large span over a small site layout. After looking at alternatives, Scafit was able to give us confidence they could provide a structure that would provide the strength needed within the difficult site constraints.
~ Phil Wolland

The Scafit enclosure on our site allowed us to keep working through the changing weather, substantially decreasing our program timeline as all trades kept working. This meant not only a happy client, but also that we could move quicker onto our next project. There is no down time in wet weather.
~ Alan Chard

Working on a new build in the Manawatu can be tricky with a large membrane roof and the need for dry conditions. Scafit’s Keder roof solution gave me greater certainty over shrink wrap that I could keep the site dry throughout the build.
~ Phil Wolland

Can’t believe we used to spend time pulling tarps morning and night and wasting all that time. That time alone paid for the enclosure.
~ Fraser Miller


Take a look at some of our previous enclosures.


Patea, South Taranaki
Keder roof with shrink wrap for roof replacement project



Palmerston North
Full shrink wrap enclosure for residential new build


Rangitikei District
Grandstand seating with Keder roof




Access scaffold with shrink wrap protection for cladding and window replacement

Palmerston North
Residential new build with Keder roof, shrink wrap facade, catchfan guttering and loading bay with zip-door access



Palmerston North
Keder roof and shrink wrap with heavy duty loading bay for school library block re-roof

Shrink wrap enclosure for monument refurbishment


Palmerston North
Full shrink wrap enclosure for school gymnasium refurbishment

Palmerston North
Access scaffold with containment shrink wrap for Plaza signage upgrade


Refurbishment and protection of historic building with access scaffold and shrink wrap for containment

Palmerston North
KFC Princess St re-roof with Keder roof and shrink wrap, with public gantry allowing drive-thru to remain open during construction


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