Caccia Birch, Palmerston North

Caccia Birch House is a wedding and conference venue in Palmerston North and a Historical Places Trust Category 1 listed property.

Scafit was engaged to provide full exterior scaffolding for the house to be repainted.

Crane Scaffold, Port of Napier

Scaffolding this crane at the Port of Napier, New Zealand, presented a few technical challenges for Scafit, as well as ensuring health and safety concerns were adequately addressed.

“It was like scaffolding in a bowl of spaghetti,” said James Winter, Supervisor for Scafit. The scaffold needed different bay sizes off the U-bridging ledgers to adapt to the changing contours of the crane.

“Comprehensive planning and the input from the client, the Port, and Department of Labour were instrumental in achieving a successful, incident-free project.”

Tui Grandstand, Mangatainoka

8,000 rugby fans inundated Mangatainoka , the home of Tui beer, for a Super 14 preseason match between the Hurricanes and the Blues. It was the first time the Hurricanes sold out for a preseason match.

The home of Mangatainoka RFC, and home to 30 sheep, was transformed with 160 tonnes of Layher Allround scaffolding into a mini stadium. David Crowley, Managing Director of Scafit Ltd, and family tested out their grandstand with fellow fans.

Awapuni Racecourse Grandstand

Awapuni Racecourse in Palmerston North was undergoing a major upgrade. The new grandstand was built by Wilson Construction, who experienced the benefits of using Layher scaffolding for the first time. "They especially liked the level decks with no gaps, no trip hazards, and aluminium stair access," said David Crowley, Scafit Managing Director.

The scaffold, designed by James Winters of Scafit, was cantilevered out 2.5m to keep the access to the ground level free while the builders worked on the soffits above.

Civic Administration Building, Palmerston North

This is a building with challenges! Built spanning a central city road in Palmerston North (NZ), it cantilevers out at 10m and has semi-circular end sections . . . Furthermore, the job had to be done in eight stages with each stage having a seven day turnaround period: “The timing of this job was crucial, and the way that the Scafit team worked around the weather, daylight problems, road closures etc is a real credit to their business,” says David Chapple from Chapple Consulting.

Strong partnerships are essential for our business,” says David Crowley, Managing Director for Scafit. They wish to thank Camelspace for their assistance with the gear requirements and to Layher for design input and the hire of a GEDA 300Z goods hoist.

The Three Towers, Palmerston North

Simple but neat, James Winters of Scafit planned this scaffold which was built under the supervision of Pat Brier. This structure is at UCOL Technical College in Palmerston North, New Zealand, and was required for maintenance and to replace the accelerator fans.

Manchester Street School, Feilding

Scafit provided a complete enclosure solution to ensure this project was watertight during the winter months. This was of major importance as the building was still being used by the school's teaching staff.

Layher's Keder roof system which Scafit stocks was by far the best solution for a time efficient and highly effective result. With a Layher Allround base right around the perimeter of the old building the roof went on without a hitch.

Mike and his crew did a fantastic job laying out the base of the scaffold and attaching the roof (with a little help from a McIntosh's crane).

Also thanks to the team from Absolute Wraps for shrink wrapping the remainder of the scaffold.

59 Courtenay Place, Wellington

With a full make over needed, 59 Courtenay Place in the heart of Wellington’s nightlife district required a big scaffold. Three sides of the building needed routine maintenance and repainting. Sounds easy, but this job presented a lot of technical challenges, including an outside bar, footpath canopies with no load capacity, one elevation requiring full water tightness with loading bays inserted, and a car-park ramp which needed to have full access retained throughout the job.

This job required a truly innovative scaffolding solution, with a real team collaboration between Naylor Love construction and Scafit, along with specialist input to meet the unique challenges. The high loads created by the cantilevered base and the shrink wrap required engineering sign off on Scafit’s proposed solution, thanks to Don Thomson Consulting and propping from RMD.

A technical shrink wrap job was completed by John and the team from Absolute Wraps, including zipped entranceways to the three cantilevered loading platforms.

Take a tour of the finished solution on Google Maps at

Thanks to all of the crew at Scafit Wellington, with great leadership from Doug, Kodee & Mike.

Digger Access Ramp

Video featuring an innovative scaffolding solution to provide site access in typical Wellington terrain.

M2PP Expressway - Mazengarb Rd

The Mackays to Peka Peka Expressway (M2PP) is an 18km four-lane State Highway 1 project running along the Kapiti Coast. The expressway will cross Mazengarb Road to the north of Paraparumu. As part of the bridge work, Scafit was engaged to install propping bays along with providing scaffold solutions for access and fall protection.

Along with installing propping equipment supplied by RMD New Zealand, Scafit staff constructed a 6 metre high access platform to allow staff walk on/off access to the abutment. The project involved close tolerance of 20cm to avoid the I-beams. Work involved coordinating for the use of the crane, field engineering to add an unplanned working platform, and Iaser-levelled soldiers.

Scafit are the leaders in infrastructure and industrial formwork and scaffolding in the lower North Island. With branches in Wellington, Palmerston North and Wanganui our extensive local knowledge coupled with international expertise from our strong relationships with RMD and Layher is unparalleled.

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